The orchestra is comprised of a permanent string apparatus of 13-16 persons additionally supplemented by wind-players depending on the repertoire. The work of the orchestra is emphasized by various aspects:

  • Promoting music of the Caucasian region including contemporary music
  • Cultivation of a standard repertoire
  • Exploring rarities of orchestra literature
  • Realizing cross-over projects
  • Preparing concert programmes for children

European Parliament Brussels 2006

Orchestra Members and guests (2020)

Galina Bandura, I Violin/concertmaster

Levan Dzamukashvili, I Violin

Arman Grigoryan, I Violin

Kote Lemonchava, I Violin

Bela Makharadze, II Violin

Tamar Bulia, II Violin

Nino Kemularia, II Violin

Irene Khoshtaria-Jaiani, Viola

Lali Andguladze, Viola

Eklaterine Japaridze, Viola

Murad Ibrahimov, Cello

Levon Allahverdian, Cello

Vasil Demetreshvili, Double bass

Artistic Director and Principal Conductor

Uwe Berkemer