The orchestra is comprised of a permanent string apparatus of 13-16 persons additionally supplemented by wind-players depending on the repertoire. The work of the orchestra is emphasized by various aspects:

  • Promoting music of the Caucasian region including contemporary music
  • Cultivation of a standard repertoire
  • Exploring rarities of orchestra literature
  • Realizing cross-over projects
  • Preparing concert programmes for children

European Parliament Brussels 2006

Orchestra Members and guests (2023)

Galina Bandura, I Violin/concertmaster

Levan Dzamukashvili, I Violin

Arman Grigoryan, I Violin

Kote Lemonchava, I Violin

Bela Makharadze, II Violin

Tamar Bulia, II Violin

Nino Kemularia, II Violin

Irakli Japaridze, Viola

Lali Andguladze, Viola

Ekaterine Japaridze, Viola

Georgiy Vaxtanqovic Imanov, Cello

Levon Allahverdian, Cello

Vasil Demetrashvili, Double bass

Artistic Director and Principal Conductor

Uwe Berkemer